The New Twinspark Racing Porsche Blog

TwinSpark Racing's Hulk with NKGTTC door shields

Welcome to the new Twinspark Racing Porsche Blog. This is the new home of our very popular Porsche blog – formerly based at – and houses all the content previously available on the old site.

If you’ve arrived here, it’s likely from a link that no longer exists, or has now been superceded. The material you were looking for on twinsparkblog still exists! You can find everything using the search box on the top right, or by clicking on a topic (or ‘tag’) in the cloud beneath it. There is also a search by category and a selection of our recent posts to view: just look to the right.

We will of course be adding more Porsche news and stories as time goes on. If you’ve got some news for us about your Porsche running Twinspark parts, or are a journalist or blogger who wants to go on our press release list, send an email to